I want to be closer to you than anyone else.

"Welcome to the Maison de Ayakashi even thought we are closing down. Please be as comfortable as you can be."

"I want to see her, I want to find her again... Forever and ever, this life time and the next."

[御狐神双熾 Miketsukami Sōshi Independent RP blog]

[RP as soushi in part 3 of manga: before incarnation warned by the future soushi and not dating Ririchiyo.

Currently being force to return to the Miketsukami house ]

{“Game” cover…}

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Welcome to Ayakashikan Room No. 4
Current Manga status
Ririchiyo-sama is currently at the Shirikiin house due to the attrack of Ayakashi kan .

Current Manga status
Soushi is being drugged and force to return to the Miketsukami house.

Why are Soushi and Ririchiyo not dating?
The second incarnation warned the current via letter, prevent the death but the scene where ririchiyo confessed also did not happened. Ririchiyo worryed that he will die protecting her.

Did the first incarnation died?
yes, end of part 1 but they all live again in part 3

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